Utilize A Restoration Tool That Can Recover Your FAT Files

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by Mistlee

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Small Business Marketing Unleashed: Sage Lewis

While in Texas at Small Business Marketing Unleashed, WebProNews Reporter Abby Prince and Sage Lewis, the Founder and President of SageRock.com, sat down and had an interesting chat about communities.
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Google Thinks AdWords Is Your Best Friend
By David A. Utter

As a small business or site publisher, the route to Moneyville displays signs pointing to Google's advertising products. In Google's estimation, of course, but they may be correct.

It's easy to miss the broader truth about Google, from a third-party point of view. Yes, they operate a search engine that cracked open the World Wide Web to hundreds of millions of people and the words they tap into a query box.

Search enables the Google machine to churn forward, the advertising sales of AdWords customers footing a substantial portion of the multi-billion dollar revenue stream. David Fischer, Google's VP for Global Online Sales and Operations, wants Google followers to know they provide business opportunities for advertising that traditional media cannot match.

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