Cost Of Tablet PCs Questioned

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 by Mistlee

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Cost Of Tablet PCs Questioned

By Doug Caverly

Tablet PCs are nifty and useful, there's no doubt about it. Yet what some people are starting to wonder is whether they're worth the large price; cheaper mini-notebooks offer a lot of the same stuff in a similarly sized package.

James Kendrick recently set about comparing the Fujitsu P1620 to the HP Mini-Note, and he wrote, "I am willing to pay a healthy premium for my required ink note-taking but what about most users? I can't believe that most would be willing to pay that kind of a premium for the ability to swivel the screen and work in slate mode. . . . Even I had to do a double-take at a >$1,000 premium and I need the capability."

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Indeed, for all the goodies that $1,000 can buy, it seems likely that a lot of folks must be wondering how badly they want a tablet PC. The average consumer might quickly sacrifice the tablet functionality, even if Kendrick's comments section filled up with people who feel they need to ink.

Decreasing sales might force manufacturers to lower prices, which is nice, yet products, or even product lines, might also get dropped. Martin Mull look-alike Warner Crocker writes, "Let's just hope the incredible shrinking Tablet PC niche doesn't shrink completely away."

Fortunately, that future remains rather distant for the time being. Pricey or not, new Tablet PCs from sources as different as Panasonic and Carnegie Mellon continue to make headlines.

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