Get More Out Of Delicious

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 by Mistlee

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Get More Out Of Delicious

By Mike Moran

Dave Fleet posted a useful 6 Ways To Make Life Easier With guide to getting more out of the social bookmarking service.

I've been using Delicious for some years, mostly as a means of centralizing collections of content I discover on my web travels that I find useful to know about, and want to make sure I can reference that information any time in the future.

The fact that I can tag that content and it then becomes potentially valuable to other people comes a close second.

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You can subscribe to my Delicious content (RSS feed), if you wish.

Using Delicious rather than just bookmarking that content in my web browser makes it much more valuable overall, as Dave's post illustrates with examples of what else you can do with your Delicious bookmarks.

One I hadn't thought of before - Dave's search engine power tip:

[...] You can search for tag combinations direct from your address bad [sic: he means bar] - type[tag1]+[tag2] to pull up all the posts that are tagged with both.

There's a lot you can do with Delicious. When did you last take a look?


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