Choosing The Right Web Address For Your Business

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 by Mistlee

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Unleashed: Debra Mastaler
Everyone can always use link building tips and Debra Mastaler, the President of Alliance-Link gave us several. Debra spoke to WebProNews Reporter Abby Prince...

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Choosing The Right Web Address For Your Business

By Andreas Gauger

Choosing the right Web address can be a daunting task for many business owners. Consequently, many companies often rush this process and end up selecting the wrong domain name.

In fact, a recent survey of 1,074 American businesses revealed that 42 percent of businesses surveyed spent the same time selecting their domain as they did sourcing minor equipment such as their coffee maker or paper shredder (less than 1 hour).

Evidently, many companies do not realize that the selection of a business' web address is a crucial decision, and they should consider all available options before purchasing their primary domain name. As the number of registered domains increases, it's often the case that the best available domains belong to less obvious suffixes, so it is very important to choose addresses carefully.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Address:

A number of businesses continue to use an undesirable domain name while recognizing it could be having a negative impact on their business. Following are five tips for improving the way companies choose their web addresses:

Learn More about what is Inside and Outside the Box

The Secondary Domain Market Factor

Finding unique unregistered domain names on the general market can be very challenging, so companies often turn to the secondary market or aftermarket for names that have already been registered, like on In 2007, it is estimated that sales from domain names in the secondary market increased by 60 percent. The popular .com and .net TLDs, while increasing by 24 percent in registrations in 2007, grew by an estimated 53 percent in purchases on the secondary domain market. Web hosts, such as 1&1 Internet will work with brokerage services such as Sedo to help companies find an already registered domain name.


Although purchasing a web address should be one of the first steps in launching a business, it is often bought in haste. Every American business must recognize the lasting impact that a domain name can have on sales and image. An experienced domain name registration partner, such as 1&1 Internet, can also help companies choose the right address. From domain registration to web hosting, site creation, technical support and cutting edge technology, 1&1 offers users every available resource to easily and affordably create and maintain an optimal web presence.

About the Author:
Andreas Gauger is the Chairman of the Board of 1&1 Internet, the world’s largest web host by known servers. The 24-year veteran formed his first company at the age of 16. He co-founded 1&1 Internet in 2000, and pioneered the 'one-stop-shop approach to Web hosting. Today Andreas is responsible for the products and strategic direction of the company.
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Utilize A Restoration Tool That Can Recover Your FAT Files

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by Mistlee

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Small Business Marketing Unleashed: Sage Lewis

While in Texas at Small Business Marketing Unleashed, WebProNews Reporter Abby Prince and Sage Lewis, the Founder and President of, sat down and had an interesting chat about communities.
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Google Thinks AdWords Is Your Best Friend
By David A. Utter

As a small business or site publisher, the route to Moneyville displays signs pointing to Google's advertising products. In Google's estimation, of course, but they may be correct.

It's easy to miss the broader truth about Google, from a third-party point of view. Yes, they operate a search engine that cracked open the World Wide Web to hundreds of millions of people and the words they tap into a query box.

Search enables the Google machine to churn forward, the advertising sales of AdWords customers footing a substantial portion of the multi-billion dollar revenue stream. David Fischer, Google's VP for Global Online Sales and Operations, wants Google followers to know they provide business opportunities for advertising that traditional media cannot match.

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Facebook Marketing: Web 2.0 Expo

by Mistlee

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Unleashed: Wendy Piersall
WebProNews Reporter Abby Prince had the opportunity to catch up with Wendy Piersall of at Small Business Marketing Unleashed. Wendy...

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Facebook Marketing: Web 2.0 Expo

By Lee Odden

After the keynote frenzy this morning, the session that stood out for me was "Facebook Marketing: Best Practices" with Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester Research as moderator, Evan Mager from AKQA, Holly Liu from Watercooler, Brett Keintz of 750 Industries and Stanford GSB and Kevin Barenblat of Context Optional.

Some of the key takeaways from this session were:

• Be clear with your objectives

• Test spending money on Facebook marketing even if you aren't sure about the return. Hey, 1,000,000 visits can't be wrong!

• Understanding the ROI of Facebook requires a new kind of mindset

• Don't take away the social features of Facebook from users

• Facebook marketing is not about driving traffic to your web site. Keep Facebook users on Facebook

Hopefully Jeremiah doesn't think I'm stalking him as this is the second session in two days of his that I've blogged. Unfortunately, I don't know the panelists and there are no name tents, so each panelist response or comment below is labeled simply as "panel".

He started with a series of polls: How many people use the internet? :) Facebook? Bloggers? Twitter? With each poll the number of hands raised changes.

Owyang cites stats from the Facebook site:
• 70 million active users

• Facebook is the 6th most-trafficked website in the world (comScore)

• Facebook is the 2nd most-trafficked social media site in the world (comScore)

• Over 55,000 regional, work-related, collegiate, and high school networks

• More than half of Facebook users are outside of college

• The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older

Learn More about what is Inside and Outside the Box

The neat thing about Facebook is that they have a platform that allows 3rd parties to develop widgets and other applications. There are over 20,000 applications, mostly junk. 140 new apps are added per day.

Forrester data: Researched to find out how people use social networks. Primarily, they use Facebook to self express and also to communicate with peers. Nowhere does it say they look for products or look at advertisements.

Facebook offers many methods and channels for marketing - many of which you can find in this article: The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook

Panel: You approach Facebook like any other media. Think about your objectives and audience and go from there.

Panel: It depends on what your goals and budget are. If your looking at branding and community, create a Facebook page and consider engaging an app developer.

Owyang: What are you seeing as objectives from clients?

Panel: If you're looking to attract users, applications are useful.

Owyang: Any companies looking to increase sales and revenue?

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About the Author:
Lee Odden is President and Founder of TopRank Online Marketing, specializing in organic SEO, blog marketing and online public relations. He's been cited as a search marketing expert by publications including U.S. News & World Report and The Economist and has implemented successful search marketing programs with top BtoB companies of all sizes. Odden shares his marketing expertise at Online Marketing Blog offering daily news, interviews and best practices.
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