Effectively Communicate And Collaborate With Your Customers

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 by Mistlee

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Effectively Communicate And Collaborate With Your Customers

By Manoj Jasra

Salesforce.com and Google today expanded their global strategic alliance to make it easy for companies of all sizes to run their business in the cloud with Salesforce for Google Apps.

The combination of the Google Apps™ suite of productivity applications and the Salesforce suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications enables businesses to effectively communicate and collaborate without any hardware or software to download, install or maintain. Salesforce for Google Apps also leverages the Force.com Platform and Google's open APIs, opening up even more development opportunities for developers and partners.

Communicate Directly from Salesforce

With Gmail, you can email customers and colleagues directly from within Salesforce. Log messages from Gmail automatically into Salesforce lead and contact records and eliminate the need to transfer information manually between the two applications in which you spend most of your time. Create new email messages from within Salesforce records-or any time you see an email address in Salesforce-and the recipient is added automatically to the To line. Plus, you can view past correspondence with your contacts in one place, and so can your colleagues with appropriate access levels.

Instantly Chat with Colleagues and Customers

Google Talk makes it easy for internal sales teams or customer-facing support teams to collaborate during sales calls, while coordinating with partners, and when servicing customer issues-all without leaving Salesforce. Google Talk is included in the sidebar within Salesforce, so you don't have to switch between applications while reviewing CRM data. Using the power of instant messaging, you can instantly share information, coordinate changes, and plan next steps. Then save chats in Gmail and associate them with leads or contacts to preserve a record of your conversation for easy access later.

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Collaborate in Real Time with Your Teams and Customers

With Google Docs, you can share and collaborate in real time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with team members, customers, or partners. Create documents right from Salesforce records without wasting time jumping between two user interfaces. Associate materials with contacts and leads so you never have to dig to find the right ones. Best of all, you can quickly share Web-based documents that everyone can review and edit without worrying about whether they have the latest version.

Quote Generator for Google Docs and Reports Collaboration for Google Spreadsheets (both powered by Astadia from the AppExchange) let you generate quotes and export reports into Google Docs for easy collaboration. Say goodbye to email attachments and managing multiple versions-working together has never been easier.

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About the Author:
Manoj Jasra has been in the search marketing industry since 2002 with Enquiro Search Solutions. His role as the Director of Technology at Enquiro involves him developing strategic relationships with technology vendors, overseeing web analytics and designing cutting edge solutions for clients. Manoj's background in software development and experience in search marketing/web analytics gives him the ability to provide strategic consultation throughout the entire online marketing process.

Manoj's blog, Web Analytics World focuses on insight in Search Marketing, Blogging, Web Analytics and Technology; it is also one of the top read web analytics blogs. You can frequently find Manoj's writing at popular marketing publications.
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