Grow Your Business By Getting Online Now!

Friday, April 18, 2008 by Mistlee

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Grow Your Business By Getting Online Now!

By Mike Banks Valentine

Without a web site address to call home, a business is homeless. It's seen by customers as the equivalent of working with a computer in the dusty corner of the garage near the clothes dryer lint trap.

Many small business owners start this way, working out of a P.O. Box and sharing the family phone line with a teenage daughter who believes that talking to her BFF is far more important than business calls on that phone line.

Face it, it's time to buy that $7.95 domain name and start down the road to business legitimacy. Just as we have gone from "Do you have a fax machine?" to "What is your fax number?", so too are we moving rapidly away from "Do you have a web site?" toward "What is your web address?".

How is it that we accept the need for the fax machine, the copy machine, the phone and the computer, but not a web site?

Every business is expected to be online, just as they are expected to have a telephone and a fax and an answering machine. Size will always determine resource allocation. Hire a professional if you can, but get online now!

The first step to getting your business Online is to get a domain name, which is typically your business name or generic word or phrase and includes the famous dot com, dot net, and .org extensions.

Here's a complete tutorial on Domain Names to help you learn everything about choosing a name for your web site and how domain names work to help you navigate the web.

Or, you could just research a domain name now, buy it today and grow your business.


About the Author:
Mike Banks Valentine operates SEOptimism, Offering SEO training of in-house content managers SEO_Staff_Training as well as the Small Business Ecommerce Tutorial at and blogs about SEO at where this article appears with live links to SMO stories, buttons, blog posts and examples.
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