Cpanel X Is Saying Goodbye

Thursday, April 3, 2008 by Mistlee

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Cpanel X Is Saying Goodbye

By Brian Turner

Cpanel X was the theme that brought webhosting admin panels out from the dark ages. However, this iconic and easy to use interface is on it's way out due to security issues.

Cpanel X was an admin interface that made managing the backend of a website fun and funky. With its sleek silver and blue design, finding links to key tasks such as site stats and databases became even simpler.

Other admin panels, such as Ensim and Plesk, were left behind and Cpanel - already popular - became the admin panel of choice for a whole generation of webmasters looking for a simple way to manage site backends, as they used the Cpanel X themes - Cpanel X and Cpanel X2.

However, the big criticism thrown at Cpanel was its security record. Ensim clunked like an old tank, but carried fewer security vulnerabilities.

Now the developer team behind CPanel have decided to call it a day - Cpanel X has too many bigs and security issues in their eyes - so support is being dropped.

Instead, Cpanel are pushing their newer Ajax-powered Cpanel X3 theme.

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From a user point of view it seems like a mistake.

Cpanel X was just an interface - Cpanel X3 is just an interface - the problems were inherent on the system that the interface was running on.

Dumping lots of insecure old software installs via Fantastico for a start.

And what does Cpanel X3 offer for the more experienced webmaster? Nothing, really, when you compare how other interfaces have developed.

Plesk has especially come a long way, with interface themes based on familiar Windows styles made for a more familiar administration experience.

All Cpanel X does is throw in some really quite irrelevant Ajax. And childmind's webmasters with various help prompts which just get in the way and confuse matters.

In the meantime, if you've grown to love the familiarity and ease of use that Cpanel X themes offered, then it's time to prepare your good-byes.

Such is progress.


About the Author:
I'm a SEO & business consultant in the UK, specialising in SME's and start-ups. I run Platinax Internet as a free resource for small business trying to get the best out of being online and offer internet management services from my main company, Britecorp.

In my spare time I'm an aspiring science fiction and fantasy writer, and currently live with my family in the Highlands of Scotland. Contact Brian

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