Google-Owned Domain Names

Monday, April 28, 2008 by Mistlee

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Google-Owned Domain Names

By Mike Banks Valentine

Most web savvy types know that Google is an ICANN approved domain registrar - and even though they have publicly stated that they have no intention of selling domain names themselves, they can directly access domain records and monitor ownership data.

This would come in handy to help them monitor pagerank and reset it when a domain changes hands, as has been said publicly by Google Anti-spam guru Matt Cutts a couple of times in the past six months.

This past week, performance monitoring site posted an interesting list of Google-owned domain names in a blog post. They also posted an excel spreadsheet of domain names that point to Google DNS servers. That's not really useful as those could include sites not owned by Google, but hosted in one way or another by Google, such as those who purchase domain names through Google Apps.

(Those domains are not sold by Google, but registered seamlessly through several partner registrars, including GoDaddy and eNom). That list contains some odd adult web addresses which are clearly not owned by Google and doing whois checks is recommended before making assumptions about who owns those names on that list. Over the next few posts, we'll take a look at some of those names which hold some interest for what Google might be up to in the domain name space.

Google has used Domain Name Management firm MarkMonitor for trademark protection and brand management and shows as the registered owner of all Google domain names.

Learn More about what is Inside and Outside the Box

Doing a whois lookup on any of those domain names on the list of over 2300 domain names provided is a good idea to verify proper ownership. But one grouping of over 125 domains were clearly reserved prior to the August 2004 Google initial public offering to protect those from being registered by those hoping to profit by them. The really funny thing about that is that obviously missed one - probably the one that got them to register the other 125 - and that domain name, is a pretty good source of information on the IPO as can be seen from the screen shot below:

Google IPO Central - Unofficial Site for Latest Investing and Stock Offering News

They went extreme on those they protected too, as one might guess with over 125 variations, it ranges from the obvious to silly things that only LOOK like the word, but include number 1 for the L and zeros for one or both "O's" - like

Enough of that - since the IPO is past and of little interest today, we'll move forward next time and look at some things that may have obvious meaning in Google's future.


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