My 3 Mobile Broadband Experience

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 by Mistlee

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My 3 Mobile Broadband Experience

By Neville Hobson

Being able to get online with your computer when you're mobile is something that you tend to take for granted, with wifi hotspots almost everywhere.

In my experience, though, it's sometimes trickier to connect than you might expect, even when there is wifi all around you.

The alternative is a cellular connection, ie, the same network through which you make calls on your mobile phone.

I've resisted that route, primarily because of my perception that it's darned expensive. Indeed, I had a costly experience with Vodafone (my mobile service provider) a few months ago when using my phone for data connecting.

Maybe it's all to do with what price plan you have. And there's another issue - who can figure out the various price plans offered by mobile operators? If the operator's employees have trouble doing so, what chance have you got?

Still, none of that stops lots of people from subscribing to data connection services from any of the mobile operators in the UK.

And I have been looking at some of the offers, especially those where you get a card or USB stick broadband modem dedicated to using with your PC for connecting to the net such as offered by Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and 3.

I'm going to try out one of these services during the next few months courtesy of 3 and the folks at 3mobilebuzz (the same people who got me involved with the campaign for 3's Skypephone last autumn).

Download a Free Trial of Ektron CMS400.NET

I'll be using the 3 mobile broadband USB modem that's pictured above, which 3mobilebuzz have sent me.

The modem is a Huawei E169G made by Huawei in Shenzen, China. I couldn't find reference to it anywhere on 3's website so I guess it's a new model they're offering.

The deal is straightforward - use the modem for free during the next three months; in return, they want me to blog about my experiences in using it. That's fair enough.

They'd also like me to comment on what I think about 3's mobile broadband pricing. Fair enough, too - that's an important part of any reviews anyone might write.

3's mobile broadband offering does look interesting from a price point of view. When I've asked around for opinion about good deals, I hear more about 3's offering than any other mobile operator's.

So I will be getting online while out and about with a 3 mobile broadband USB modem. I installed it earlier today on my Sony Vaio laptop. Now ready to get on the road, get online and talk about it!


I'll be posting my commentaries over on my Next tech blog. The first one will be to answer the question: How easy is it to install the gizmo? I did a video of that; will post it in the next day or so.


About the Author:
Neville Hobson is the author of the popular blog which focuses on business communication and technology.

Neville is a UK-based communicator, blogger and podcaster. He helps companies use effective communication to achieve their business goals. Visit Neville Hobson's blog:
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