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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProNews Week in Review

WebProNews takes a look back at some of the more interesting headlines and stories of the past week. ome topics covered are a few new Google features, lots of Microsoft/Yahoo action as well as a couple of new tools for the savvy SEO crowd.
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AOL Establishes Presence In Taiwan
By Doug Caverly

Now seems like an odd time for this development; most companies are contracting, not expanding. Still, AOL has just launched a new portal for Taiwan.

The move may make sense as a form of diversification, if not an outright escape plan. As the American economy continues to flounder, and AOL's role in this country shrinks, it might as well try to make money elsewhere.

In regards to the Taiwan story, Norman Koo, VP and General Manager for Greater China, stated, "Our industry-leading products and programming combined with our content partnerships will provide a unique experience for consumers and advertisers, as well as an international, regional and local mix of news, finance and entertainment information."

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