Using Your IPod For Education

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by Mistlee

Using Your IPod For Education

By Manoj Jasra

Did you know that iPods can be used for more than just listening to music? You can use your iPod for studying and learning as well.

Amy Quinn over at the Online Education Database has come up with 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better categorized in 8 main sections. You can check out Amy's full post here, but here are a few of the top iPod tips and resources.

Study Guides

Spark Notes: Long considered a busy high school or college student's best friend, the online study guide database now offers users an iPod-friendly version. Get summaries and analyses of books like A Tale of Two Cities, Beowulf, Hamlet and more.

iPREPpress: This website provides study guides, travel guides and foreign language training, all compatible with iPods.

Podcasts and More

GoogleGet: Get your Google News and iPod in sync by installing this software program. You'll stay current on all the top news stories, making you better prepared for class or work.

Soundwalk: This site currently only sells CDs and MP3s, but you can use an MP3-iPod converter to check out unique self-guided audio tours like "The Bronx Graffiti Walk" or "The Paris St. Germain Walk."

Pod CityGuides: This site has hundreds of city guides that are compatible with iPods, so no one has to know you're really a tourist.


Learning Podcasting: If you want to create your own podcast to share your skills or expertise on a particular subject, read this in-depth introduction to podcasting from

Podtender 3.0: This software program will teach you how to make all kinds of tasty cocktails for your next party.

PodGourmet 2.0: Teach yourself to become a master chef when you get recipes


iGadget: Make your class notes, presentations, study guides and other materials iPod-friendly by using iGadget. You'll be able to move documents and files back and forth between your iPod and your computer easily and securely.

Plato Video to iPod Converter: Use this app to transform all kinds of video formats into MP4 formats so that you can upload video clips and footage onto your iPod.

More Downloads

iJourneys: Take walking tours in cities like Salzburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris and Ancient Rome by downloading iPod-compatible guides from this site.

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