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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

Chris Crum posted this about the Small Business Directory in the forum a few days ago, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. There is no cost to get listed, but the directory is not just for any site. Submissions must meet the criteria and be approved by the SmallBusinessNewz team to make it in. Hope you all check it out and submit your sites!

Our featured post today comes from netwebproworld03, who is having some email deliverability issues. The emails are to recipients with Yahoo email addresses that arrive in the spam/bulk folder. To check out what netwebproworld03 has already done to try to solve this problem and offer some of your ideas, click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first wants to know how long SEO improvements take to show in search engines. The second has a natural vs. paid search question. And the last post wants to know how to prevent bots from crawling individual links.

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Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008 Visit Here

IT Discussion Forum
Email Deliverability
Email Deliverability

We are a small legitimate ecard site. We have implemented SPF, DomainKey, valid reverse DNS, fixed IP, and we are not on any public black lists. However, frequently, our emails to the recipients with Yahoo email addresses arrive in the spam/bulk folder. I filled out a various of Yahoo forms, hoping to have me removed from their black list or have me added to their white list a while back. But they haven't gotten back to me, and this seems to be the general experience for others as well.

I am hoping that someone can help me. Basically, here are 2 possible solutions.

1) I need a recommendation for someone or deliverability consulting service who knows how to help us to get on Yahoo's white list beside filling out the forms on their website. I don't even mind pay for Yahoo's service if our email can arrive in their inbox.

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Site for Review

I've been making a lot of tweaks... but it's time for a "reality check." All suggestions are welcome! (SEO, content, format, colors, etc.)

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
How Long Does It Take SEO Improvements To Show In Search Engines?

Hi, I've recently been doing some SEO improvements on my website and was wondering how long it would take for pages to be updated in Google?

Does Google change the ranking of a page based upon how it appeared when it was last visited (cached)? Or is there a mass update that happens where ALL sites are re-indexed at once?

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Google Discussion Forum
Natural vs. Paid Search

At the beginning of the year, my wife and I purchased the assets of a company that we had previously done some web work for a few years back. The organization had an uncommitted management team unsure of what they were doing.

After we took control of the web site, we made some major changes to improve the site optimization and search engine placement of the site. As it is an e-commerce web site, traffic and sales are the all important holy grail for us.

A couple of weeks into the new site design, Google did one of it's famous "Oh you did a major overhaul, we'll need to review this, you're dropped out of the search rankings completely" moves. So we completely lost all natural traffic that had been coming to the site.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Preventing Bots From Crawling Individual Links

My scenarios is that bots are already disallowed to visit the things they are not supposed to have access to. However, the problem is that there may be LINKS to such threads (for example, links to private threads in Forum's "recent posts" section) or, what is more interesting, links to various 'Reply', 'Add Post' and similar buttons.

Search bots see such buttons and attempt to navigate to the related links, which results in the errors similar to those that we can see.

I don't really like to provide different content (i.e. some sort of conditional code that would remove such buttons for search bots), especially taking into account that some software might set custom or empty user agents, which will look similar to some such cases it might be a user who wants to ensure his privacy and hide browser information and we need to ensure that such users are able to view all those 'add post' buttons.

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