Get A High Performance Column-Store Database Management System

Friday, February 29, 2008 by Mistlee

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RapidMiner (YALE) — Java Data Mining

(aka YALE) data mining, machine learning, knowledge discovery, business intelligence in Java. 400+ operators: data mining incl.

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MonetDB is a high-performance column-store database management system with automatic index management, flexible optimizer infrastructure, and programmable backend functionality. It comes with functional complete SQL- and XQuery- frontends.

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PHP For Applications - PHP Framework

P4A (PHP For Applications) is a PHP RAD and object oriented PHP framework for building event-driven stateful web applications. Features tableless HTML, accesskey, auto data type recognition, transparent AJAX, UTF-8, i18n/l10n, PEAR integration.

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NeoDatis ODB

NeoDatis ODB is a new generation Object Oriented Database. ODB is a real native and transparent persistence layer for Java and .Net. ODB is very simple and very fast and comes with a powerful query language.

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