ZoomInfo API - ASP.NET C#

Friday, February 22, 2008 by Mistlee

ZoomInfo API - ASP.NET C#

By Manoj Jasra

Over the last couple of days I have been digging into the ZoomInfo API (using C# - ASP.Net) to first of all better understand the API and secondly to leverage the data provided in order to use it for things like company profiling, competitors, and key contacts at a given company.

The ZoomInfo API gives you the ability to:

• Search for any person in the ZoomInfo database by name.

• Search for any company in the ZoomInfo database by name, domain, industry, keyword, geography, or company size.

• Get detailed information such as description, industries, address, stock ticker, key people, mergers and acquisitions, and more on any company in the ZoomInfo database.

• Get a list of competitors for any company in the ZoomInfo database.

Below is a sample URL to make an XML request for the ZoomInfo data:

http://api.zoominfo.com/PartnerAPI/XmlOutput.aspx? query_type=people_search_query

The "key" has to be generated by concatenating the following parameters:

1. First 2 letters of every search term in sequential order (*** Note for the Company Competitors Query, supply the whole CompanyID)
2. Your Shared Secret
3. Today's day (not padded with zero)
4. Today's month (not padded with zero)
5. Today's year (4 digit)

Below is a method you can use to generate the MD5 code:

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