Good SERPs For Tough Keywords

Monday, February 18, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

As I mentioned before, SMX West is coming up soon, next week actually. Mike has posted a thread about it so all you readers can give us some questions to ask the SEOers or suggestions on things you would like to see. If you plan on attending SMX, let us know! And if not, Rafael or Jordan will be filling in for me while I am gone and I'm sure they will bring you the latest coverage from WebProNews.

Our featured post today comes from acwebguru, who needs help achieving a good SERP for tough and highly competitive keywords. Acwebguru is applying all the conventional methods but its not gaining the desired positions in search engines. If you think you can help, click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first has some questions about Google Adwords. The second has a title tag question. And the last post wants to know about outbound links.

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Monday, Feb 18, 2008 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Good SERPs For Tough Keywords
Good SERPs For Tough Keywords

Please help me out...! How to achieve a good SERP for tough and highly competitive keywords?

Though I'm applying all the conventional methods but its not gaining upto my desired positions.

For eg: when i started optimizing the keywords, it was in 1000 after 3 weeks it was in 100 again this week its moved out from 100 to 200 positions. In this way its keep fluctuating the positions.

So kindly suggest me some good "White Hat" seo methods to optimize the keywords. Awaiting eagerly for your expert suggestions.

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Posted by: acwebguru View Post | Click To Comment

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Google Discussion Forum
Google Adwords PayPerClick Cost

I've been using Google Adwords for some time..

What i wanna know is the minimum cost that you bid for a certain keyword/phrase.

1. If a keyword min. cost is $1, do you bid $1 or more than $1 ?

2. Why some keywords the min cost fluntuated? Sometimes from $1 up to $1.80... sometimes from $3 dropped to $0.8.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Website/Brand Title in Title Tag?

I seem to read differing opinions on this one and not entirely sure which is best.

Is it a good idea to include your website title in title tag of your pages (either first or end)? Some say yes for brand confidence so to speak, and some say no as it's no good for SEO.

Any opinions on this one?

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Posted by: duongo75 View Post | Click To Comment

Search Engine Optimization Forum
The Dos And Donts Of Outbound Links

I have a few questions regarding outward bound link scenarios.

Scenario 1: A site lands on your desk in need of SEO. They have a links page with loads of irrelevant links from prehistoric link exchange techniques. How do you deal with this?

Scenario 2: You add a couple of advertising banners to a site. These are for highly relevant sites and are a great resource for your visitor. Essentially this puts the banners in 2 categories - advertising and a practical resource for your visitor. Do you add no follow attributes to the link or do you leave them as they are? Do outward bound image links get treated differently to outward bound text links?

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