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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 by Mistlee

SMX West 2008

An intense situation results as desperate webmasters seek answers to their SEO problems. Why would someone stoop so low to get answers that could be easily obtained at the Search Marketing Expo in Santa Clara?
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eBay Boycott Having Minimal Effect
By David A. Utter

A three percent drop in listings at eBay this week could be due to a boycott kicked off by enraged sellers this week, or simply a dip in the normal course of business.

Fee changes coming into effect at eBay have the potential to impact smaller sellers, as eBay appears ready to court high-volume sellers much more heavily in 2008.

The hue and cry for attention from eBay has been heard, at least. Sellers called for a boycott of eBay this week over fee changes that include increases to the final value fees they pay to eBay upon completion of a transaction.

Fortune Small Business noted the change takes place on Wednesday. They also cited a tactic eBay used last week, in promoting a one-day discount on listing fees

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