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Thursday, February 21, 2008 by Mistlee

Latest Developments on Net Neutrality

WebProNews Reporter Abby Prince takes a look at the recent developments that have evolved around net neutrality. From the new legislation supporting net neutrality, to the FCC’s investigation of Comcast, to Comcast’s defense of their actions...
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eBay Boycott Having Minimal Effect
By David A. Utter

A three percent drop in listings at eBay this week could be due to a boycott kicked off by enraged sellers this week, or simply a dip in the normal course of business.

Fee changes coming into effect at eBay have the potential to impact smaller sellers, as eBay appears ready to court high-volume sellers much more heavily in 2008.

The hue and cry for attention from eBay has been heard, at least. Sellers called for a boycott of eBay this week over fee changes that include increases to the final value fees they pay to eBay upon completion of a transaction.

Fortune Small Business noted the change takes place on Wednesday. They also cited a tactic eBay used last week, in promoting a one-day discount on listing fees

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