Tactics To Increase Web Traffic

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 by Mistlee

Tactics To Increase Web Traffic

MarketingSherpa today has the results from an SEO case study - 4 tactics that increased traffic 58% (free until Feb 27). In the case study, they outline the tactics that helped to increase the website's traffic.

But if you're holding your breath for groundbreaking new techniques, go ahead and stop. The four strategies:

1. Develop new language versions of the website
2. Create new white paper to qualify leads
3. Boost incoming links from relevant sites
4. Test design and placement options for links to Web forms


1. Add more (multilingual) content
2. Add more content
3. Build links
4. Test website effectiveness

It's a bit surprising that #1 was even necessary: the website is for a translation company. The company had already given its site an SEO makeover: in 2006, they "used keyword-rich content and enhanced page headers and description tags to boost Web traffic . . . and saw a 240% boost in Web traffic." So for 2007, they'll delve into the uncharted territory of "link building." Wooo.

However, there are a few worrying details in the conclusion of the case study. The "link building" campaign is suddenly called a "link exchange." They also haven't found a good way to benchmark and measure progress in the link building/exchange: "Malik knows the campaign generated new inbound links for the Argos homepage, but he can't be sure exactly how many because each time he checks Google to see new links he finds different results." Additionally, this sounds like only the homepage is receiving links from the direct campaign.

While far from revolutionary, it's always nice to see that the tried-and-true, well-established techniques that we all know and love continue to be effective: leads from their site were up 58%.

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