How Will RHQ Be Used?

Thursday, February 21, 2008 by Mistlee

How Will RHQ Be Used?

By Savio Rodrigues

Sometimes it pays to be late with "breaking news" ;-) For those of us that weren't at JBoss World 2008, here is a great presentation that explains the RHQ announcement:

"RHQ is a combined effort to provide management infrastructure

It is not a management product

Management technologies utilize the same types of infrastructure that are rebuilt over and over

• Inventory

• Common agent infrastructure

• Fine grained security and audit

• Integration APIs

• Plugin extensions for new product support

• Reporting

RHQ delivers these core infrastructure services in an open source model as building blocks to be utilized in management products"

RHQ (which is GPL'd) will be used by Red Hat/JBoss products such as JON. However, any vendor could build a RHQ plugin. For example, vendor XYZ's plugin would "go deep vertically" in terms of managing/administering their own product. Additionally, a management product that supports RHQ would provide horizontal views/management of multiple products, including the product from vendor XYZ.

It'll be interesting to see if RHQ gets traction beyond RH/JBoss. And how it integrates/competes/etc. with the integration and interoperability goals of the Open Management Consortium.

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