Links Harmed Our Ranking. Is It Short Term?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

I thought I'd start today's update with a post that's in the Google Discussion Forum. It hasn't had any replies yet so I figured I'd give it a little extra attention. Thecontentwrangler wants to know how to set up a website so Google will display more granular info about it. Click here to read more and see if you can help. :)

Our featured post today comes from genidude, who thinks adding too many links too fast caused Google to consider them "spammy", causing rankings to drop. The question is, will their rankings eventually revert back to the old positions after time, or is this penalty more permanent in nature? Give your expertise here!

As for the remaining posts, the first has a robot blocker question. The second has a problem with a internal domain blocking access to an external domain. And the last post wants to know why Google rolled back his old page title.

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Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Links Harmed Our Ranking. Is It Short Term?
Links Harmed Our Ranking. Is It Short Term?

We recently made a foolish mistake on our web site regarding links. We innocently put a bunch of links on our site from various forums from accross the web. These links link back to our web site.

These links we place on our web site were from forums where members who posted messages about our site and their positive experience with our web site and our service to them.

It was just done as a way of letting our customers know the quality of service we provide. I'm sure Google wouldn't have penalized us if we had done it over a longer time frame.

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Posted by: genidude View Post | Click To Comment

Site for Review

I'm fairly new at all this could anyone please check my site for content quailty as well as user friendly? Or even an over all review. Any and all sugestions will be super helpful.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Google Ignores Robot Block

I placed the following robot blocker at the top of my header code on 2-17-08 and one day later, Google crawled the website anyway:

I'm also wondering if my new website is going to be penalized by google now since this new website is exactly the same as as my existing website under a different domain name? I don't have all my content uploaded to the new website yet. I was going to redirect my old domain name to the new one after I got the new website completely installed, but Google jumped the gun. I did not submit the new domain name to Google either. I suspect the host on the new website, Godaddy, may have alerted Google?

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IT Discussion Forum
Internal Domain Blocking Access To External Domain

At the beginning of the year, my wife and I purchased the assets of a company that we had previously done some web work for a few years back. The organization had an uncommitted management team unsure of what they were doing.

After we took control of the web site, we made some major changes to improve the site optimization and search engine placement of the site. As it is an e-commerce web site, traffic and sales are the all important holy grail for us.

A couple of weeks into the new site design, Google did one of it's famous "Oh you did a major overhaul, we'll need to review this, you're dropped out of the search rankings completely" moves. So we completely lost all natural traffic that had been coming to the site.

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Google Discussion Forum
Why Google Rolled-Back My Old Page Title Again?

I changed my website's homepage title and Google accurately displayed it in search results as soon as Google updated its cache.

But I have noticed that Google is again showing my old page title now even I have not changed anything at my side again.

Can anybody tell me what has gone wrong and why Google did this?

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