Duplicate Content NOT To Be Indexed

Monday, February 25, 2008 by Mistlee

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Our featured post today comes from ArthurNYC. He discusses duplicate content not being indexed. Anytime he slightly changes the URL, he never gets natural listings. He wants to know how to make a new site and leave the old site live and still get his old natural listings.

As for the remaining posts, the first needs help using PHP to upload images and collecting data from a form. The next post talks about Google changing how they award site links. Our final post today asks how should he respond to an "I want to buy your domain" email?

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Duplicate Content NOT To Be Indexed

Duplicate Content NOT To Be Indexed
I own a large network of review sites and for the past 3 years we have done a dance with Google where all of a sudden they bump everything up to a $10 Min Bid and we are done. Over three years it has happened 3 times and every time we slightly change the URL (s, -, ...) and go back to work. The issue we have is that we never get natural listings.

Three months ago the site was redesigned by a top level SEO guy for us and we are getting natural listings all over the place. (If anyone needs a recommendation, PM me as he did a great job). But now we got whacked by Google again with a $10 min bid (please do not try to analyze the reason for this, even our reps only say it has something to do with the landing page, we have been on every forum, spoken with every rep at any partner company and we get no real clear answer).

So now the question is, how do I leave the OLD site live (the one that is getting natural listings) and do PPC on a new URL. There are hundreds, if not thousands of pages of Unique content but it is now duplicated and that will eventually catch up to us and hurt natural rankings.

How do I completely stop Google (and others) from seeing the PPC site and listing it in their search engines? If it never gets spidered, never gets listed, then I assume/hope the natural listing site will not be penalized for duplicate content.