Access Webmaster Tools From IGoogle

Friday, February 29, 2008 by Mistlee

Access Webmaster Tools From IGoogle

When you do something, do you follow a minimalist approach, or you like yourself to be prepared for every potential instance? Consider the instance where you want to hike out into the wilderness of Alaska and the weather's not predictable.

Do you follow a minimalist approach by trusting only a wool overcoat and a sandwich in your pocket? On the other hand are you the kind wherein you even for a day's hike, bring along a couple of changes of clothes, dehydrated meals, kitchen appliances, a power inverter, etc just as a precaution? You never know how the weather would turn out.

Till now Google's Webmaster Tools offer as many features as possible, quite befitting for the second personality type. But now as the webmaster central blog informs, Google's released Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle, for those users who would prefer to access only the features of Webmaster Tools that they need.

If you've already got a Webmaster Tools account and have verified at least one site, you can start using the Gadgets right away with the help of the following process:

You need to:

1. Visit Webmaster Tools and select any site that you've validated from the dashboard.Click on the Tools section.

2. Click on Gadgets sub-section.

3. Click on the big "Add an iGoogle Webmaster Tools homepage" button.

4. Click the "Add to Google" button on the following confirm page to add the new tab to iGoogle.

Once done you'd find yourself in iGoogle, where you should see your new Google Webmaster Tools tab with a number of Gadgets.

Each Gadget comes with a drop down menu at the top and through it you can select from the list of sites that you've validated to see the Gadget's information for the selected site.

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