Giving Up On E-mail!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 by Mistlee

Giving Up On E-mail!

By Luis Suarez

In earlier blog post I hinted at my new mission at work with the current job I do on a daily basis. (Those of you on Facebook and Twitter already know about it!). These particular links to very enlightening and thought-provoking blog posts by Beth Kanter and John Tropea, respectively, will give you an idea of what I am talking about...

Yes, I'm giving up on e-mail! At least, work related e-mail! That's right, this week I have launched a new experiment, or initiative, at work where I have diverted most of my conversations into social computing and social software tools, both internal and external.

You did what?!?! Yes, I surely did!! Just like you are reading it. Last Saturday I decided that enough was enough and I created a post in my internal blog where I was mentioning that from that day onwards I would not be answering any e-mails, nor write any e-mails myself either, but instead I would make the most out of social software tools and social computing, in general, to get in touch with other knowledge workers and collaborate further sharing and exchanging our knowledge over there.

I know, you can call me crazy now! You can say I am out of my mind, but the truth is that I am now on the 5th day of taking such a radical approach to my daily workload and the overall experience has been tremendous!! In all of those 5 days I have received a total number of 45 e-mails. Yes, you are reading it right!! 45 e-mails!! When normally on a daily basis I would be getting, on busy days, between 30 to 45! A day!! But this time around, things have been different. I have been telling people I will no longer be responding to e-mails, because the more I respond, the more I get. I am sure you have seen and been through that already!

So have I given up on all incoming e-mails as such? No, I wish I could, but there is one single scenario that I cannot ignore and that will force me to continue making use of e-mail as a communication tool (Notice that I am mentioning here communication vs. collaboration - More on that later!) and that is the unique and rare opportunity (Yes, I am one of those lucky guys!) to engage on a private conversation where information of a sensitive nature gets exchanged. Of course, in that case, that conversation is still going to be carried out through e-mail & it would be the only time that I would be responding back.

For the rest, I have decided that if I want to demonstrate how powerful social computing is within the corporate world, and beyond, I am going to make a complete shift to it and try to provoke as many conversations as possible out in the open space of social software. Yes, you can say I am crazy, but, hey, I thought it was worth while giving it a try.

And like I have mentioned above, it has been a total success!!! At least, on the first week of pushing myself to the other side. The way it works is that people can send me, and will keep doing so, different e-mails, and me, instead of replying to each and everyone of those e-mails, is going out to the social computing tool(s) where those folks may hang out and share the information / knowledge over there, so that if someone asks me a question on something, I will provide the answer in that social software tool, and that means that colleague will have his / her issue addressed, but everyone else, too! Because it is in the open, everyone can see that answer and benefit from it, even if they don't need it at that moment!

Oh, and when it is the other way around, me wanting to find out about something, I go into my usual social networking spaces and interact there with my various social networks to get an answer or, at least, some pointers, and therefore trying to avoid making use of e-mail altogether. Pretty interesting stuff, eh?

Well, like I said, it has been working great thus far! Just this week, the first one, I have been getting 45 e-mails, when normally it would have been a lot higher than that. Yet, everyone has been trying to get through me or get me involved through the usage of social networking tools. So I have been using quite often Lotus Sametime 8.0 (With some of its lovely social networking capabilities I will cover one of these days), Blog Central (i.e. blogs), Wiki Central (i.e. wikis), Lotus Connections (With blogs, Dogear, Activities, Profiles, Communities), Lotus Quickr, Fringe, Cattail, BlueTwit (An internal Twitter clone), Media Library, Beehive, Atlas, etc. etc. (And not counting the external social software tools I use on a regular basis!)

That is right! That is what I kept saying to myself all along before getting started with this. If we all are to drink our very own champagne, I might as well get started with the one I like the most, don't you think? Certainly, e-mail is not going to be it! Social computing is!! And big time!!

So, stay tuned because when I have a bit more time, some time next week, I will share some more on this new exciting and incredibly rewarding and re-energising activity I have gotten started, almost, a week ago, which is encouraging me more and more by the day to move away from e-mail and live social computing. Only question remaining so far is, why didn't I start this years ago? Makes you wonder, eh?

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