Analyze Your C++ Up To Three Times Faster

Monday, February 18, 2008 by Mistlee

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Lexical Analyzer Generator Quex

Lexical Analyzer Generator for C++ based on regular expressions in the lex/flex style. Generated engines can be up to three times faster than with flex. Quex supports a wide range of character encodings (incl. UTF8, UTF16, …)

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SW Test Automation Framework

The Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) is a framework designed to improve the level of reuse and automation in test cases and test environments. The goal of STAF is to provide a complete end-to-end automation solution for testers.

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GnuWin32 provides Win32-versions of GNU tools, or tools with a similar open source licence. The ports are native ports, that is they rely only on libraries provided with any 32-bits MS-Windows operating system, such as MS-Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / NT / XP.

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soapUI is a desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance testing of web services. It is mainly aimed at architects/developers/testers providing and/or consuming web services in any language.

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