Do Search Engines Get Bored ?

Thursday, February 28, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

So I know everyone misses Tiffany, but she will be back soon. Tiffany and a couple of our co-workers are in Santa Clara, CA. at SMX West 2008. Check out our live coverage at WebProNews. And watch up to date interviews with Mike McDonald on our Video Blog. Stayed tuned for more updates.

Our featured post today comes from obhety. He asks us do search engines get bored? He goes on to say if a site is static it is less likely to be crawled. When a site is refreshed and is doing well with the visitors, it seems to get a boost in page rank. So the question is "If it is not broke why fix it?"

As for the remaining posts, the first asks how can we find old pages in Google's index database? The next post wonders how can you convert a slide show created in iPhoto into Flash? Our final post today needs help with validator and keeping his sites page rank.

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Thursday, Feb 28, 2008 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Do Search Engines Get Bored ?

Do Search Engines Get Bored ?
If a site seems to 'work' - the visitors (mostly new) appear happy with the content/structure etc, and the search engines are happy to rank it - is there any value in making small, regular changes to the content to make it appear 'fresher' to the engines, even if this does nothing for the visitor?

I've read that fairly static sites may get crawled less frequently but so what?

I tend to the view that 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' - unless you can make the visitor experience more worthwhile. On the other hand, algorithms don't have feelings.

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Site for Review

I posted here a while back for a review on my website. might of been a year ago. Since then I have done a complete overhaul on it. I am now looking again for some feedback. Two site to be honest, one our main site and the second being a newly started 4 month old blog. The website is St. John's Real Estate.

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Google Discussion Forum
How Can We Find Old Pages In Google's Index Database?

In the past, we changed our website's look and feel and we also changed lots of URLs. At that time, we did not care and applied 302 redirects from old URLs TO new URLs. Now the problem is that Google still keeps plenty of our old web pages in its index. We found some of these old pages and redirected (301) to our new website pages. But, I wonder there are still hundreds of such old web pages which need to be redirected to correct pages of today.

What should I do to find out those old pages in Google's Index? Is there any tool for that? If yes, please add a suggestion.

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Web Programming Discussion Forum
Converting iPhoto to Flash

Has anyone got any experience in converting a slide show created in iPhoto on the mac into Flash.

I've tried saving the iPhoto slideshow as a .mov... then taking it through the Flash Encoder to create an .flv, then using Flash to create the .swf from the .flv. It works fine offline, but as soon as its placed online the video doesn't play.

I've heard that this could be something to do with the METADATA contained in the flash file. I've also heard that Apple aren't making it easy to do this ... because presumeably they want you to host on their .mac service.

The two codecs I've tried in the encoding process are On2 VP6 and Sorenson, but still no joy. Any ideas?

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Search Engine Optimization Forum Validator Help

I had 26 errors when I checked my site using the The W3C Markup Validation Service website. I was able to fix 9 errors myself, but then decided to use the Clean up Markup with HTML Tidy code to get rid of the rest of the errors on my site. The only problem is when I did that I end up changing my site a little. Not that big of a deal. It ended up pushing my Google Search box to the far left instead of it being centered (in Firefox, IE is fine). Plus I still have 2 errors.

What I really want to know is would 17 errors hurt my Google PR (or any other search traffic)? I've been working on this for 2 days and have no idea what I should do. Keep the current 2 errors and the minor cosmetic change or go back to my original design with the 17 errors.
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