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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 by Mistlee

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Crystal Space 3D SDK

Crystal Space is an Open Source 3D SDK for Unix, Windows, MacOS/X. It renders with OpenGL or software and features curved surfaces, volumetric fog, dynamic colored lighting, terrain engine, LOD, procedural textures, portals, etc.

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BIGACE is an easy-to-use multisite, multilanguage and multiuser Web CMS, written for PHP/MySQL. Uses FCKeditor for HTML editing. Features: Content versioning, workflows, user and right management, Smarty Templates. Stable release and add-ons available.

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Click Framework

Click Framework is an easy to learn and use J2EE web application framework. Click is designed for web app development by commercial Java teams. With Click developers should be able get up and running within a day.

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wxCode - wxWidgets components

wxCode project is a collection of reusable components based on the cross-platform wxWidgets GUI toolkit. The project provides various tools and facilities for building, maintaining and releasing wxWidgets-based code. Visit the website for more info.

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- WebmasterFree
- DesignNewz
- WebProNews
- WebProWire
- SecurityPro
- FlashNewz

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