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Friday, February 8, 2008 by Mistlee

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Syndicating Your Blog

WebProNews takes a look into how you can make money from blogging. It seems as though, syndication is an easy way to do so. We talked with President of Newstex, Larry Schwartz about benefits and disadvantages, along with other various topics of syndication.
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Microsoft, Google Sign On To OpenID
By David A. Utter

OpenID should start gaining critical mass with the Internet-using public, now that several major Internet and tech players have latched on to the project. Google, IBM, Microsoft, Verisign, and Yahoo all joined the OpenID board as its first directors, the project disclosed today.

"The community has expanded quickly since the inception of the foundation, and these companies will help bring OpenID into the mainstream markets," Bill Washburn, executive director for the OpenID Foundation, said in today's announcement.

Through the use of OpenID as a single sign-on method, people don't need to use multiple logins at the various websites they visit. One OpenID login gets them in the virtual front door, wherever it is supported online.

OpenID is a free, open source technology. Any site that wishes to implement it may do so; today's announcement said over 10,000 sites and about 350 million OpenID-enabled URLs exist online.

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