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Saturday, February 2, 2008 by Mistlee

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Saturday, February 2, 2008
Small Business Owners Delaying Retirement
Close to half concerned about money
Money, Retirement, Wells Fargo...
The Relationship Between Location and Competition
Your competition can work for you or against you...
Competition, Brick and Mortar, Location...
Mortgage, Tax Queries Occupy Searchers
Personal financial issues weigh on their minds
Marketing, SEO, Search...
Netscape Browser To Live A Bit Longer
One Month Extension on Support
Technology, Mozilla, AOL...
Hiring the Right Person
Reputations can be misleading...
Management, Employees, Online Reputation...
How Small Businesses Can Be Affected by the Super Bowl
Take advantage...
Marketing, Football, Super Bowl...
Cost Of Flying Floats Upward
Look out for nickel- and dime-related deaths
Money, Airlines, Travel...
Inevitable? Doing Business With Google
Google holds the top spot in paid search, period.
Marketing, Search, Google...
SmallBusinessNewz Videos
Commonwealth Computer Recycle Talks to SmallBusinessNewz
Commonwealth Computer Recycle Talks to SmallBusinessNewz
Mike McDonald of SmallBusinessNewz caught up with a couple of guys from Commonwealth Computer Recycling at the Geek Dinner in Louiville, Kentucky.
More Headlines
Get Customers in Off the Street
Attract the Eyeballs
Marketing, signage, Brick and Mortar...
Improving Your Small Business Online Visibility
Have a better online reputation
Marketing, Lee Odden, blogs...
How Often Should You Update Your Social Media Pages?
Just Keep Them Up to Date...
Marketing, Promotion, social media marketing...
eBay Unveils Major Impending Update
"Big" and "good" sellers to benefit
Technology, eBay...
Stay Focused to Increase Productivity
Don't Overload Your Brain
Management, Research, time management...
Retirement Worries Plague Small Business Owners
Money and medical concerns weigh heavily
Money, Business, Retirement...
Lead Your Customers to the Checkout
Make it Easy on them
eCommerce, customers, Online Retail...
Tax Breaks May Be On The Way
Small businesses not forgotten
Money, Taxes, Recession...
Number Of Americans Starting Small Businesses Declining
A 3% Decrease Since 1983
Research, Federal Reserve, Business...
Working From Home A Hot Benefit
City of Ottawa, Fortune's top companies favor the idea
Management, Telecommuting, City of Ottawa...
Small Business, Congress Differ On Economy
Optimism prevails among SMB market
Money, Economy, Business...
Take a Good Look at Your Startup Description
How NOT To Describe Your Startup
Marketing, startups, hiring...
A Starting Point for the Hiring Process
Getting on the right track for finding employees you want
Management, employees, hiring...
Is Podcasting Right for Your Business?
It Can Be an Effective Marketing Tool
Marketing, Technology, podcasting...
Receive 50 in FREE postage coupons
How the Company Logo Can Increase Website Conversion Rates
Credibility and the First Glance
eCommerce, conversion rates, first impressions...
15-Week Marketing Course Aimed at Small Businesses
This One Could Have a Huge Impact on Yours
Marketing, Research, Education...
Don't Let Social Media Marketing Work Against You
Steps you can take for an effective campaign
Marketing, MySpace, social media marketing...
Keep A Positive Brand Image During a Recession
Building a strong and positive brand image is vital to business success in any economic climate.
Management, financial, Business...
Using Podcasts For Recruiting
When you need in-the-now employees
Management, Technology, Business...
Zazzle Purchases GoodStorm
Financial Terms Not Disclosed
eCommerce, Business, Zazzle...
Old Brands, New Technology, And The Personal Touch
Social media needs a personal touch
Marketing, Social Media...
Microsoft's Small Business Summit on the Way
4 Days of Info-packed sessions
Marketing, Education, Sales...
Optimize The Google Content Network
Take Advantage...
Marketing, Google, Content Network...
Happy Customers Buy Again
Keep them coming back...
Marketing, Business, customer loyalty...

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