How To Find A Decent SEO

Thursday, February 14, 2008 by Mistlee

How To Find A Decent SEO

By Lydia Mazorol

First, "decent" does not pertain to politeness or socially correct. It does, however, pertain here to someone who can "do the job"!!! -- I hope that you will find that this person can also be decently polite and socially correct too!

So, finding someone who will "get the job done" means understanding what that job is! The Search Engine Optimization job means that you will get increased rankings for a variety of good and valuable keywords (defining and understanding good and valuable keywords will come in a later blog post) for your website pages. If your SEO can increase your Page Rank by getting more inbound links pointing to your site and creating a good internal linking structure, then you've really hit the right guy (or gal - yup… that would be me!).

Those are the measurable successes that you are looking for, but, finding someone who fits that description and can actually "do" this for your site takes asking the right questions.

1) Are there websites that the SEO can put on their list of "optimized" sites?

An SEO may be able to suggest a website he or she has optimized but how do you really know? You can't verify that unless the owner/operator of the website will confirm this - sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. There are always confidentiality issues that seem to be present in this industry. Ask anyway and see how far you can push to get this information and get it verified.

2) Do they "guarantee" ranking increases?

If they do - run fast, run very fast!! About the only "guarantee" you can get would, hopefully, be for your website domain name and/or specialized business name - but even then I've seen issues of too many similarities in some names. The only other guarantee might be for a very obscure keyword and/or one that really isn't terribly valuable and simply won't bring the numbers of visitors that might help to pay for the SEO services.

Now - if they guarantee that they will work hard and describe or show you everything that they are doing or planning on doing then you might want them to stick around!

3) How many clients do they have?

An SEO consultant that restricts the number of clients or businesses that they take on is a good thing. You don't want them overwhelmed, just trying to bring in the money, and then spending limited time of you site.

Personally, I don't take on any new clients unless I have a minimum of 6 hours a week I can spend on them - that includes research time, review time, reporting time, competitive analysis time, content review time, link strategy time, communication time, etc, etc. Yes, that limits me, but I have time to do a good job - all the time!

4) Do they incorporate some sort of Linking Strategy that is part of their SEO services?

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