Google Indexes New Blogs With Few Delays

Saturday, February 9, 2008 by Mistlee


WebProNews - Google Indexes New Blogs With Few Delays
February 9, 2008

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Google Indexes New Blogs With Few Delays
Doug Caverly | Staff Writer

Blogspot, WordPress users probably in the clear

Owners of new Blogspot or WordPress sites may worry that Google
won't index them. And we can't guarantee that Google will do so
quickly, or even that the search giant will do so at all.
There's a fair amount of evidence suggesting that things will be
taken care of sooner rather than later, however.

We'll start with the slightly disquieting stuff. On the
WebmasterWorld forum, "dhirajch" writes, "I think it is not
always. but yes definetly much more faster than any website."

The other less-than-assuring piece of information comes from
Ted Ulle, who states, "Without any external links, google is
not likely to index any site, whether it's a blog or not.
They're definitely not likely to keep in the index for very
long even, if they do discover the url somehow."

But people like "IncrediBILL" and Tamar Weinberg, along with at
several others, have said there's little to worry about.
Several examples were given in which Blogspot or WordPress
sites showed up in Google's search results either quickly or
without any effort on the author's part.

In the end, maybe it's best to toss a few outside links into a
piece to make sure. Also, all the other usual SEO tips are
liable to help, as well. But it seems like no special actions
are necessary (and no anxiety is in order) when trying to get a
new blog indexed by Google.

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Trademark Keyword Issue Far From Settled
Jason Lee Miller | Staff Writer

Kentucky court to weigh in eventually

We can only expect this issue to be brought before the courts more
and more, which might mean it is eventually decided by much higher
courts: Does targeting your competitor's trademark keyword in
search ads constitute "use in commerce," and thus a trademark

The issue has come up time and time again from some high-profile
companies in various states and in various courts. Most of the
time, the courts have answered with bidding on a competitor's
keyword does not violate trademark laws and is not considered
"use in commerce." But a few other times, the courts have
decided differently.

The latest comes from a Kentucky court, reports Technology and
Marketing Law Blog writer/law professor Eric Goldman, where
though it's not a final ruling, the motion by the court suggests
they will at least consider it.

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There are other elements to the feud between a golf-course-
drainage company and a former employee who left to start his own
company, but in this instance, the court listened to two sets of
precedents regarding keywords as use in commerce when deciding on
whether to grant the defendant's motion to dismiss.

The court chose not to dismiss the trademark violation claim due
to "the uncertain state of the law" and that the plaintiffs had
presented a good enough case "state a claim to relief that is
plausible on its face."

Goldman called the ruling "a thinly reasoned opinion with meager
facts," but whatever the outcome, it will add to the growing
number of cases addressing the issue without real resolution for
the greater body of search marketers.


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Yahoo Investor Wants More Microsoft Money
David A. Utter | Staff Writer

They aren't going to get it

One of Yahoo's big institutional investors chatted with Microsoft
CEO Steve Ballmer about sweetening the deal.

With Microsoft's stock price drifting down since announcing
interest in acquiring Yahoo last week, the company with the most
to make on the buyout wants to know if Microsoft will toss a
little more money at Yahoo shareholders.

The New York Post said Capital Research and Management asked if
there would be a new offer if Yahoo rejects what is on the table
now. Yahoo's board is rumored to be in discussion over the offer

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Microsoft's initial offer valued Yahoo at $31 per share in a cash
and stock bid totalling about $44.6 billion. Due to declines in
Microsoft's stock, the per share value sits under $29.

An increase does not appear likely, according to Silicon Alley
Insider, which listed five reasons why Microsoft would respond
to a request to raise the bid with a less than positive answer:

*No other bidders
*No other good alternatives
*No negotiating leverage (for Yahoo)
*Likely outrage and lawsuits if Yahoo tries to walk away.
*Pressure on Microsoft by already annoyed Microsoft shareholders

We aren't seeing any way out of the bid for Yahoo, short of
rejecting it and trying to drag out the shareholder litigation
as long as possible. Capital Research and Management and other
institutional shareholders who watch a 62 percent premium
offered for their shares evaporate will not be pleased with a
Yahoo rejection.

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