Google Dips Below $500 For 1st Time

Monday, February 4, 2008 by Mistlee

The Internet Professionals Newswire | Monday, February 04, 2008
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SEO Plugins for Firefox
Mike McDonald of WebProNews has a tip for today that explains two plug-ins for Firefox. These plug-ins allow you to have quick and easy access to SEO...

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Excluding The "Good" BOTS From /Images Folder

Hi again all! I had an issue way back with MSN trying to index my site from my /images/ folder due to the presence of an index.htm file

Since then I have excluded the MSN bot from the /images/ and VIOLA! my site is now being indexed properly!

Today I discovered that Google has my /images/index.htm page in a result for a keyword of mine. Mind you it's a pretty obscure keyword but nonetheless, it's been indexed. I see no evidence of Google trying to find my content within the /images/ folder as the MSN bot kept trying.

Question: Should I exclude the /images/ directory from all bots? If I do that then won't the cached pages not show the images? I tried to disable hotlinking once and the cached pages looked awful! Would you exclude the /images...

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