Excluding the good BOTS from /images folder

Monday, February 4, 2008 by Mistlee

Can't see any images? -!

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I know you all don't like me talking about football, but I have to today. Yesterday's Super Bowl was just too good of a game not to be mentioned. The unthinkable happened, the Giants managed to slay the...well, giant of the NFL. The road to perfection came to an end for the Patriots, and they were denied their place in the realm of undefeated teams. Way to go, Giants! Ok, I'm done now. See that wasn't so bad was it?

Anyway, our featured post today comes from memaggiem, who needs help with preventing crawlers from indexing images. In a previous post that was similar to this one, memaggiem received help with stopping Yahoo, but now Google is indexing their pictures. Think you can help memaggiem out?

As for the remaining posts, the first asks if spammers look for higher PR sites first. The second post asks for help keeping visitors on a website for an extended amount of time. Today's final post asks for help with Google's AdSense.

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Monday, Feb 4, 2008 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Excluding the "good" BOTS from /images folder

Excluding the good BOTS from /images folder
I had an issue way back with MSN trying to index my site from my /images/ folder due to the presence of an index.htm file. Since then I have excluded the MSN bot from the /images/ and VIOLA! My site is now being indexed properly!

Today I discovered that Google has my /images/index.htm page in a result for a keyword of mine. Mind you it's a pretty obscure keyword but nonetheless, it's been indexed. I see no evidence of Google trying to find my content within the /images/ folder as the MSN bot kept trying.

Question: Should I exclude the /images/ directory from all bots? If I do that then won't the cached pages stop showing the images? I tried to disable hot linking once and the cached pages looked awful! Would you exclude the /images/ folder or is there another way that I can stop the contents of said folder from being displayed when some snarky user wants to see the images in the directory?
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Posted by: memaggiem View Post | Click To Comment

Site for Review http://www.transfersdelsol.co.uk/

I have just finished my last client's site. He is over the moon as it is a massive improvement on what he had before. Any opinions/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Internet Security Discussion Forum
Spammers looking for high PR

I find when my PR went up so did the spammers. It seems they target sites with higher PR. it didn't matter that my traffic was low one month, just the PR mattered to them it seems. I really don't have time to moderate my comments on my blog so what the heck should I do. I have anti spam CAPTCHA installed and working... spammers keep coming.
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Posted by: uberanimal View Post | Click To Comment

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Graphics & Design Discussion Forum
Sticky Websites

A woman has come to me with the complaint that her website is not "sticky" - 70% of the visits last 30 seconds or less, with few repeat visits. From everything I've read "stickiness" is a result of the content, not the design per se.

My question: Are there characteristics of the design itself that help make a website more sticky? What design guidelines should be followed or specific design elements should be used? I'm looking for something beyond the basics of easy-to-navigate, nix the garish animations, etc. For example, "Use an attractive smiling man/woman in the banner".

Do you have any thoughts on this subject?
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Posted by: DrayScherm View Post | Click To Comment

Google Discussion Forum
Controlling Google AdSense

We would like our AdWords ad campaigns to go to specific web sites that we deem appropriate, but would like to block our ads from going everywhere else in the "Content Network". Has anyone found a way to set it up this way?

I know this is the opposite of the way Google has set it up, they allow you to block certain sites that you've discovered are a problem, and then send your ads to an entire networks of sites. How do you know which sites your ads are served on? Is there an easy way to block them all except the very few that you want?
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