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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by Mistlee

Title Tag Tips!

This is your WebProNews tip of the day, from our new studio in Lexington, Kentucky. Today, Mike McDonald gives you some tips on WordPress title tags for those of you who care about SEO.
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Yahoos Sound Off On Being Laid Off
By David A. Utter

Sunnyvale probably seems a little less sunny for hundreds of people who made Yahoo their home away from home. Reports have trickled in from all points on the blogosphere about the last day at work for a handful of Yahoos known among bloggers.

One Yahoo didn't bother waiting for the proverbial tap on the shoulder. TechCrunch said Bradley Horowitz, head of Yahoo’s Advanced Technology Division, decided to leave for the greener pastures at rival Google, although he probably wasn't a layoff target, judging by his role in the company.

Two guys who labored on CEO Jerry Yang's secret plan for saving the company (so secret that Valleywag had a post about it) took a layoff hit. Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar expressed surprise at being let go, considering their "strong contributor/leadership roles."

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