SEO For Local Results?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 by Mistlee

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WebProWorld Members,

Skimming through my Google Reader I came across this post and thought I would share. It's called, You Are The Boss - 10 Ways To Start Taking Control. Most of the articles in my reader are about business or SEO, and since this was a little different I thought more people might be interested. Just a few tips for your day to day routine. Enjoy!

Our featured post today comes from pdstein, who has local search problems for his site. Location information in the title, description, and keywords tags were added, but didn't seem to help local search results. If you have more suggestions, click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first wants help with designing a style sheet for small screens. The second has a question about buying a cCompetitor web ste. And the last post needs info on preventing sensitive data from being logged.

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Tuesday, Mar 04, 2008 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
SEO For Local Results?
SEO For Local Results?

A couple week ago I noticed my church (Cypess Meadows Community Church - Clearwater/Safety Harbor, FL) was not ranking well for any search phrases like "churches in Clearwater, FL" in Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Ask - not for a local search or for a general web search. The site didn't have any locaton information in the title, description, or keywords tags, so I went into the site and modified them.

Bam! Within a week the site was on the first page of the general web search results for all 4 search engines. However, the site's rankings in the local search results didn't change hardly at all. It's like 56 in google local and 135 in yahoo local when searching for churches in Clearwater, FL.

Why are the local results so different from the general results?

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Posted by: pdstein View Post | Click To Comment

Site for Review

I would like your honest opinions. Is the site '90? not professional? stupid? poor navigation? ugly? Shall I go for another design?

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Graphics & Design Discussion Forum
Designing Style Sheet For Small Screen

Does anyone out there know the hierachy that browers use for linked sytle sheets??

A have a media="print" ccs and this works well, I tried to add media="handheld" over a year ago unfortunately browers seemed to pick this up as media="screen" . So do I need to add media="creen" to my main style sheet before adding a handheld one??

I would be grateful of any idea on how to start this - I have redesigned my site without tables using css alone and it works in all the major browsers IE6/7, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari & Opera. The small screen rendering in Opera is totally different from the small screen rendering in Mozilla at the moment - hopefully adding a seperate style shhet will correct this problem...

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Buying A Competitor Web Site

Would be grateful for any advice on the best way to proceed with this.

One of my clients has the opportunity to buy a competitors web site. The web site was has been around for about 10 years and was generating a small turn over (say 20% of my clients turnover for their site).

The site has a PR of 4 (not the best metric I know) and 254 pages listed in google, of which 79 would appear to be in the main index.

So, here are the options as I see it: -

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Posted by: thindenim View Post | Click To Comment

Internet Security Discussion Forum
Prevent Sensitive Data from Being Logged

This thread walks a fine line between security and development.

Does anyone know how to prevent browsers from capturing and storing information that is placed into a input field within a form from the development side of things?

We're going to have a form that requires some sensitive information to be entered. Regardless of the user's browser and their chosen "autosave" options, we would like to prevent certain fields from being placed into the log. We would like this to be used only on certain inputs throughout the site; i.e. allow autosave for some fields, such as name and address, but disallow it for other information, such as a credit card input.

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