Bad CIO Habits

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 by Mistlee

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Bad CIO Habits

By Doug Caverly

It's nice to talk about becoming a better CIO; it's also nice to keep your job. A new list of ten bad CIO traits is making the rounds, and by learning from it, you can probably address both issues at once.

Versions of the list are appearing all over the place - try Computerworld and a Wall Street Journal blog, for starters - so it's a good idea to learn fast. To that end, we'll attempt to streamline things a bit here.

One of John D. Halamka's main points is to remain polite. Whether you're listening to requests or making some of your own, acting cranky isn't the best way to keep allies or become popular. And people with a few friends last longer.

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Also, remember that the IT department is part of a larger business. Technology can't be the sole reason behind every chance and policy - there are customers and other employees to worry about.

Try to remain both creative and flexible as you approach problems and set your personal schedule. Someone who's available 24/7 might easily be chosen to replace a more skilled person who disappears for 16 hours a day. Similarly, you shouldn't disregard "newfangled" ideas and appear behind the times.

The current economy seems to favor layoffs and firings. Follow this advice, and with any luck, none of them will affect you.


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