Adobe Publishes Flash Media Server 3 White Paper

Friday, March 14, 2008 by Mistlee

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March 14, 2008

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Hey Flash phenoms. You've picked a good week to tune in as we've got some highly entertaining and informative content this week. No filler or preservatives, just fresh Flash picked right off the vine. Stefan Richter is hooking us up with a virtual compendium of the Flash Media Server 3 in an extensive 50+ page pdf document covering every feature of FMS3 and just exactly why it dominates FMS2.

Other reasons to pick the meat of the bones in this newsletter are because of the supremely righteous sites we've got today. Coke went all out on this site for Coke Zero that's got completely interactive full motion video where you can do car stunts and play shao lin soccer in an abandoned parking garage. All the while accompanied by 3 gals in white thigh high vinyl boots. Need I say more?

You know Lucas Arts is gonna pimp out their site for their interactive branch of entertainment featuring the likes of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Storm Troopers and Indiana Jones. All complete with their Lego version counterparts.

Lastly, for the cool down session, the photography of Saul Santos will take you away to the innermost calm of the web literally using the background wallpaper as mounting for his photos lined simply with an opaque drop down navigation menu.

Hope you all dig these selections as much as I have. I'm out.

Mark Rivera

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Light sabers, Indiana Jones, and Lego Darth Vader. Need we say more?

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Beautiful photography and minimalist yet stylish site of Saul Santos Diaz.

Saul Santos Diaz

Find All Your Small and Medium Business Web Hosting Needs at Hostway - Find Out More

Adobe Publishes Flash Media Server 3 White Paper

Stefan Richter By Stefan Richter

You can now download a comprehensive (over 50 pages!) long white paper from the Flash Media Server 3 product page (click the White paper link on the right or simply click here).

I’ve only read about half of the document so far and while it contains a good dose of marketing material it is also a great overview of what FMS3 is and what it can deliver in terms of features and performance.

The document describes virtually every server feature in detail and also includes some interesting and highly anticipated benchmark tests.

To sum those up: FMS3 kicks FMS2’s butt. Or to put it differently:
“Notice that with more percent CPU utilization, you can deliver more streams. The graphs were limited to 1Gbps and never reached 100% CPU. Higher data rates resulted in faster saturation, while lower data rates used more CPU to deliver similar connections.”

But there was something else that caught my eye in this document, it was one single word on page 8… and I’ll cover that in a separate post.


About The Author

Stefan is a certified Flash Developer who has been involved with Flash Media Server since its very early days. From his home office in the UK he has handled a variety of projects, specializing in Flash Video and Rich Internet Applications for clients that include CNET, USA Network and Unilever. Stefan is the author of a series of Adobe Developer Center articles, has spoken at several industry events and contributes a regular column on Flash Video to Streaming Media Magazine. His site is one of the largest online resources on Flash Video.

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