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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 by Mistlee

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SES New York 2008: Heather Lloyd-Martin

Is content really that important? While most of us know the answer to that question, Heather Lloyd-Martin, the President and CEO of SuccessWorks, reiterates the importance of good content while talking to Mike McDonald at SES New York.
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SuperDict is a lightweight application that allows uou to search for a specific word in multiple dictionary databases.
The Refresh application is a small tool that was designed to refresh your browser automatically.
PR Update is a program designed to allow anyone to add the ability to update their programs online.


Department Of Justice Waves On XM-Sirius Merger
By Doug Caverly

The Department of Justice took long enough to make up its mind; both "no" and "yes" are pretty short words. But in regards to the XM-Sirius merger, the DoJ finally landed on a drawn-out version of the latter.

"[T]he evidence does not demonstrate that the proposed merger of XM and Sirius is likely to substantially lessen competition, and . . . the transaction therefore is not likely to harm consumers," according to a formal statement issued by the government entity.

Granted, the satellite radio market will be wrapped up. Yet the DoJ took "AM/FM radio, HD Radio, MP3 players (e.g., iPods), and audio offerings delivered through wireless telephones" into consideration. Add CD players and even in-car computers onto the list, if you like, and we wind up with a laundry list of options that should keep the combined XM-Sirius business from getting too strong.

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