Book Review: Bounce! By Barry J. Moltz

Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Mistlee

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Book Review: Bounce! By Barry J. Moltz

By Wayne Hurlbert

This is not another book about coming back from failure, writes Barry Moltz in his empowering new book Bounce!: Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success. Instead, the book is about developing the confidence and resiliency to prepare for both the successes and the failures, in your business and in life.

Barry Moltz discusses his failures in business openly and honestly. He describes how the conventional wisdom of learning from failure is not the best approach to understanding business setbacks. For the author, the standard linear models of business success and failure teach the wrong lessons. Instead of thinking in straight lines, success and failure should be thought of as cycles. No one's career or life experience travels in a straight line, as outcomes may be perceived in different ways, depending upon different ideas of what constitutes success.

Business fortunes ebb and flow, take circular and meandering paths, and even at times reach dead ends. Not every business failure teaches lessons that can be applied like down payments to future success. Very often, business collapse teaches nothing, and that insight is an important step toward building confidence. Instead of focus on outward events, it is more important to accept and recognize events for their effect on the individual. Without the resilience to bounce from success or from failure, the person lacks perspective on what is important in life.

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For Barry Moltz, the traditional rags to riches, rich to even more rich, and the comeback from setbacks archetypes are myths that fail to understand the randomness, chaos theory, and special timing of events. All too often, ego and shame stand in the way of developing the humility to accept that not everything is under the entrepreneur's control.

Seeking and understanding new ways for determining success can move a person, from a sense of failure, toward a greater understanding of personal achievement. What appears as failure from one direction, can be considered a tremendous success from another viewpoint. Thinking only in a false dichotomy of success and failure outcomes leads nowhere, and prevents developing an effective decision making process.

For me, the power of the book is the personal empowerment that results from understanding success and failure as two sides of the same coin. Instead of viewing them as the only two possible outcomes, the author suggests that both are part of the repeating cycle of a business. The establishment of a process for decision making builds the confidence and humility to bounce from point to point. The book teaches the importance of creating your brand of success. With the redefining of success in your own terms, you become ready to embrace success and failure as they come, and as simply parts of the process.

I highly recommend Bounce!: Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success by Barry Moltz for anyone seeking a greater understanding of success and failure in business. Instead of offering conventional wisdom, the author challenges the reader to redefine success in your own terms, resulting in greater confidence, resilience to change, and the ability to bounce.

Read Bounce!: Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success by Barry Moltz and learn to bounce from both success and failure to even greater personal success in your own life.


About the Author:
Wayne Hurlbert provides insigtful information about marketing, promotions, search engine optimization and public relations for websites and business blogs on the popular Blog Business World.

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