Can Windows Vista Show Multiple Time Zones?

Monday, March 17, 2008 by Mistlee

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Can Windows Vista Show Multiple Time Zones?

By Dave Taylor

I spend a lot of my time on the phone with people in New York and London, but am based in San Francisco. What I’d love to have on my Vista machine is a set of clocks on the screen that can show me the time in these other regions, but I can’t add unapproved software to the machine here at work. Solution?

Dave’s Answer:

There is a very elegant solution, actually, and it’s one of the neat little hidden features of Microsoft Windows Vista that - dare I say it? - I really like!

Well, you can’t have multiple “analog” clocks with this little trick, but you can most definitely have multiple digital displays, and even better, they’re neatly hidden until you need to check on the times and make sure you’re not calling too early or late.

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The trick is to click on the time display on the taskbar:

Microsoft Windows Vista: Control Panels: Date and Time Settings: Pop Up

Credit where it’s due, too: this is a very attractive display of the date and time, isn’t it?

What we want, however, is on the bottom. Click on Change date and time settings… and now you’ll see:

Microsoft Windows Vista: Control Panels: Date and Time Settings

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About the Author:
Dave Taylor has been involved with the Internet since 1980 and is internationally known as an expert on both business and technology issues. Holder of an MSEd and MBA, author of twenty books and founder of four startups, he also runs a strategic marketing company and consults with firms seeking the best approach to working with weblogs and social networks. Dave is an award-winning speaker and frequent guest on radio and podcast programs.

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