Amazon Launches New Apps On Facebook

Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Mistlee

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Amazon Launches New Apps On Facebook

By Mike Sachoff has launched two applications on social networking site Facebook.

The first application, Amazon Giver allows Facebook users to buy gifts directly from Amazon for their friends on Facebook. The Amazon Giver application allows users to see products from their friend's Amazon Wish Lists, or recommendations based on what any friend has listed as likes and interests on their Facebook profile.

To see a friends Wish List, all users are required to set their Wish Lists to "public" on Amazon. Wish Lists set to "private" will not be displayed.

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The other application, Amazon Grapevine allows you to share what you have been doing on Amazon with your Facebook friends using Facebook's News Feed. If a user updates their Wish List, writes a review or tags a product, their friends will see it as an update in their News Feeds. The Amazon Grapevine application is entirely opt-in.

"By combining Amazon's vast selection of products with Facebook's millions of users, we are able to make activities like gift-giving more efficient and rewarding for Facebook users," said Eva Manolis, vice president,


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