On-Line Reputation Managment Tips Rehashed

Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Mistlee

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On-Line Reputation Managment Tips Rehashed

By Jaan Kanellis

Some of you know Andy Beal. He is a reputation management expert and has written plenty on how to handle your online reputation management. Hey I even gave out 10 tips to help your reputation management in the past.

Well Andy is back with some more great tips to help handle your on-line reputation management. Some you may already know, but that doesn't matter because Andy can rehash and old tip and apply it to what is happening now. Either way he drives home the same point as always…know and understand where you and/or your company is at reputation-wise online. The more you manage and build it now the better off you will be if someone or something does go wrong.

Ten Tactics That Could Save Your Online Reputation

Highlights from all 10 points:

1. Know your achilles heel
You might not be able to correct your company's flaws but, by being honest about them now, you can better prepare should they become the topic of a reputation attack.

2. Assume everything will make it's way to the web
This is at the essence of being radically transparent-the message you share behind closed doors should match the one you share with employees, customers, and investors.

3. Create a great online impression; dress to impress!
Prospective customers, future employees, investors, and journalists are just a small sample of those that will turn to your own web site when determining the reputation of your company.

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4. Choose your blog voice carefully
Unless your CEO has the charisma and thought-leadership of Jason Calacanis or Jonathan Schwartz, letting him lose on WordPress might do more harm than good.

5. Hangout at the right social network
Find the "centers of influence" for your reputation-the social networks where you'll most likely find conversations about your company-and create your social network profile there.

6. Send blogger's love letters, not PR pitches
Do you know why Jeff Jarvis' infamous "Dell hell" blog post started a reputation blogstorm for Dell? One factor was Dell's lack of previous conversations with Jarvis-and other computer bloggers. Lesson learned. If you look at Dell know, they're keeping in touch with influential bloggers, commenting on their posts, and treating them with respect.

7. Build your Google reputation now, not later
Google's not just a search engine, it's a reputation engine. When a prospective client wants more information about your products, a journalist needs background on your business, or an investor seeks details about your history, it's Google they ultimately turn to for information.

8. Monitor your online reputation as often as your email
Their are lots of online reputation monitoring tools to choose from, but even a simple Google Alert is better than nothing.

9. Ostriches are not great role-models
You might initially convince yourself that the problem will simply disappear and besides, what harm can a blogger do anyway? In all likelihood your denial will buy you just a day or two before your scandal makes it to the inbox of a New York Times journalist. Game over.

10. Three words to remember
I've written thousands of words on the topic of building a great online reputation, but I've managed to condense everything down to just three words for you to remember: sincerity, transparency, and consistency.

Sincerity means wanting to hear from your customers and the desire to truly provide a positive experience with your company. Transparency involves tearing down the walls of corporate rhetoric and PR spin-the more you share with your customers the more you'll win their trust. Consistency is a vital component for any reputation management efforts. Your customers will forgive your isolated failure, but if you're not consistently living-up to your brand promise, they'll find a company that does.

Great tips as always Andy.


About the Author:
Jaan Kanellis, is owner and operator of an independent SEO consulting company, KBKMarketing. Jaan Kanellis distributes his articles through the newly created SEO blog, JaanKanellis. Feel free to visit these websites and contact him if interested in his consulting services.

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