Windows Vista SP1 Warrants Caution

Friday, March 21, 2008 by Mistlee

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Windows Vista SP1 Warrants Caution

By Doug Caverly

If you're thinking about upgrading to Windows Vista SP1, you may want to think again. Although it was supposed to address users' and administrators' complaints about Vista, SP1 is itself creating enough problems to cause the University of Pennsylvania to back away.

On the bright side (as far as Microsoft's reputation is concerned), the school hasn't banned the upgrade. The school's not even uninstalling SP1 wherever it's already found.

But Paul McDougall reports, "The school's Information Systems & Computing department said . . . it 'strongly recommends that all other users adopt a "wait and see" attitude,' according to a newly published department bulletin."

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Until SP1 is the sort of thing that a good school with a skilled IT department is willing to deal with, it seems like the sort of thing that wise administrators will also avoid. This, of course, assumes that you've even upgraded to Vista in the first place, which is a step many people haven't taken.

Sooner or later, aging computers and retail restrictions will force just about everyone to adopt Vista. Yet with developments like this SP1 embarrassment taking place, Microsoft doesn't appear to be doing much to speed a voluntary effort.


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