The Twitterverse Debates

Friday, March 28, 2008 by Mistlee

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The Twitterverse Debates

By Luis Suarez

TwitDir says that it is currently tracking 951,235 Twitter users. Yes, I know that for many other Web 2.0 applications available out there this sounds like peanuts, zero, nothing, zip, nada!

However, if you come to think about it, having nearly one million end-users is way many more than what plenty of other applications would be aiming for. There is no doubt that Twitter is starting to grab more and more momentum as perhaps one of the most intriguing and wonderful social software tools available out there that helps people connect with one another way faster, whether we are talking here about knowledge workers, friends, family members, whatever, in order to share various different knowledge snippets.

In the area of Enterprise 2.0, we are seeing as well how more and more corporations are starting to make use of it, in order to break the firewall and connect with other knowledge workers, customers, business partners, etc. etc., with the end result of helping improve the already existing relationships or build / form new lasting ones. I am seeing that myself lately quite a bit within IBM, where in the last few days I have been able to connect with a whole bunch other IBMers who are starting to make use of Twitter in order to reach out beyond the firewall.

Yes, you may know already that we are experimenting, behind the firewall, with our own Twitter clone (Called BlueTwit), and perhaps I may be able to talk some more about it at a later time, since it is within my list of Top 10 social software tools to help me escape work related e-mail. However, there are still a whole bunch of us who are keen on breaking down the firewall and, at least, bring forward some of the different conversations outside in order to engage with customers and business partners, as well as other thought leaders in this space.

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Still every now and then I keep bumping into people who keep questioning the validity of Twitter from a business perspective and although I do realise that most people who read this blog on a regular basis would not fall into that category I thought I would go ahead today and share with you some of the main reasons as to why as time goes by, day in day out, I am starting to rely more and more on Twitter as one of my main social software tools outside of the corporate firewall to keep in touch with colleagues, customers, business partners, thought leaders in the Enterprise 2.0 and Social Computing spaces and whoever else with whom I may share common interests.

Some time ago my good friend Ed Yourdon put together The Awesomeness of Twitter where he clearly stated a number of reasons, through telling a couple of anecdotes, on why Twitter is one of those social tools you just cannot ignore. Then, through Twitter, I got to find out as well how Dennis McDonald put together a very helpful blog post on how he is actually making use of Twitter in My Personal Twitter Rules So Far. We come pretty close to sharing most of the same rules, indeed! Funny, eh? Well, we actually never talked about them, but here we are both of us having very similar rules on how to work with Twitter (Although to me Twhirl rules!).

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About the Author:
Luis Suarez has been working in the fields of Knowledge Management, collaboration, communities, and learning for the past seven years, and is heavily involved in social computing and its adoption within the enterprise. Luis shares his insights on important KM issues of today through The Knowledge Management Blog and ELSUA.NET, and is an active participant in the ITtoolbox blogging community.
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