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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 by Mistlee

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Matt Van Wagner and Dana Todd
If you're familiar with Search Engine Strategies conferences, then Dana Todd's cherry bomb hair is no surprise to you. Unfortunately for her, it appears that...

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Conversations In Twitter

By Brian Solis

We all know Twitter is an essential example of the conversations that help define Social Media.

What if we could find the conversations that were important to us, even if we don't follow the people engaged in those conversations? I think it would transform one of the hottest conversation-based communities on the Web into a goldmine of information and and catalyst for forging new relationships.

In August 2007, I wrote about a public discussion including Chris Messina, Stowe Boyd, and myself on the value of creating channels within Twitter. Its an important discussion because Twitter was and still is representative of a powerful form of emerging media - but it's missing something.

Twitter leads the way for other forms of MicroMedia and represents a white hot medium for connecting people in a way that no one would ever believe possible.

Along with its growth and continued rise in global popularity, the noise level in Twitter is also deafening.

But up until recently, the conversations taking place on Twitter was progressive yet finite. While some discussions thread into brilliant movements, most vanish into the history books...except in this case, there aren't any history books per se.

In the world of Social Media, listening to online conversations is the keystone to genuine participation. What if you could find the discussions that were important to you? There are now several ways to find relevant topics and join productive conversations on Twitter. This is especially important, if you are a representative for a company and/or brand seeking solutions for effectively listening to the community in order to help them answer questions or provide them with useful information.

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Suddenly the most powerful form of MicroMedia is now taggable and searchable and allows Twitter users to create channels or topic streams similar to the functionality that has existed in Jaiku for over a year - although at the moment, Jaiku's channel product is much more elegant and friendly.

The whole idea here is that you can tag your tweets in a way that they're discoverable by those who seek similar content. Remember though, you have only 140 characters to make an impact.Hashtags require you to include "#" in front of any keyword that you wish to index. For example, if I'm writing about #hashtags in Twitter, I would simply type: "Writing about #hashtags for and#pr2.0."In order to have your hashtags indexed, you have to add the hashtags bot, @hashtags, to their twitter account.

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About the Author:
Brian Solis is principal at FutureWorks PR, an award-winning PR and Social Media agency founded in 1999. FW PR bridges the communications gap between companies and their customers, and between products and their specific benefits for their target markets. Solis blogs at PR2.0,, and regularly contributes to many industry trades. He is also frequently quoted in articles relating to technology trends and Marketing/PR strategies.

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