Staying Successful In A Startup

Thursday, March 27, 2008 by Mistlee

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Staying Successful In A Startup
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Staying Successful In A Startup

By Michael Jensen

I'm excited to announce a new free service I developed for local businesses, Local Search is one of the newest verticals in the search industry bringing with it the convergence of offline (local) businesses and online search. has a real solution to one of the biggest problems facing local businesses: online customer reviews.

Problem: Local businesses have difficulties getting online reviews from offline customers.

Solution: helps local businesses to get authentic, online reviews from their customers by giving a coupon for leaving feedback at a review site, and pointing the customer directly to one of the review sites.

Benefits: This service not only helps local businesses to increase online customer reviews, but it also gives motivation to local businesses to create business listings at popular local search sites and helps local businesses rank better on sites that use customer ratings as a part of their local search rankings algorithm (like Yahoo! Local).

Businesses with multiple locations or Local Search Marketers can manage multiple businesses from one account.

How works:

1) Local business fills out sign-up form

2) Local business finds or creates their business listings at local review sites ( Yahoo! Local, Google Maps,, etc.)

3) Local business creates a coupon with a code for customer to enter

4) Local business gives customer the coupon (or sends in an email)

5) Customer enters code at and is directed to one of the review sites of the local business

6) Customer prints off the "thank you page" or actual review and redeems coupon

Call Today For a Free Domain Consult

As a result, local businesses will see an increase in customer reviews, ratings, and local search rankings. And ultimately, more customers!

Some other features of you'll find helpful and interesting, but not shouted from the rooftops:

- Print off an actual coupon (4 per page) from an auto-generated PDF

- Create a direct link to a randomly selected local review site for your business

- Keeps track of how many times the coupon was entered and customer went to review site

- Quick links to search for or add your local business to popular local search sites and directories


About the Author:
Michael Jensen is a co-founder of, an online service for SEO project management and do-it-yourself SEO tools. allows web marketers of any skill level to manage keywords, content tracking, link building, and competitor data.

Michael started as a web application programmer, and has since managed, developed, and co-founded several web technology companies. His applications are providing document and workflow management solutions to businesses in various industries, from small businesses to large corporations, including several Fortune 500 companies.
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