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Friday, March 28, 2008 by Mistlee

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SES New York 2008: Matt Van Wagner and Dana Todd

If you’re familiar with Search Engine Strategies conferences, then Dana Todd’s cherry bomb hair is no surprise to you. Unfortunately for her, it appears that she has a competitor that has come on the scene.
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Link Buying Replaced With Bartering
By Jason Lee Miller

Here's a hard truth for the hardliners to swallow: Outlawing something sometimes has worse consequences than the thing outlawed. Or, as the mob tried to tell Congress once: Prohibition's a bitch.

Pardon my French. I'm descended from Appalachian bootleggers.

Google's recent and notorious hard line stance against paid links is resulting in something quite predictable: The disaffected are leveraging every back-alley strategy they can think up. At least it doesn't involve exploding trailers, tripwires, or bullets.

Andy Beard was a bit of a pioneer on the link-laundering front; his (complicated) strategy for masking paid links got some attention last month. But simpler tactics are emerging, some inspired by Google itself.

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