Job Requirements Are Out Of Control

Monday, March 31, 2008 by Mistlee

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Job Requirements Are Out Of Control

By Dan Morrill

The flip side to the " Please do not Lie on your Resume" article is the "Out of control job requirements" that some people put up on sites like Dice, Monster, or on their own sites.

This job description for an SDET is fresh from Dice...


• BS in computer science or relate experience

• Ability to parse and understand complex feature specs and write Test Plans and Test Cases

• Knowledge of windows, Linux and Unix operating systems

• Ability to work in small and highly focused teams as well as ability to work independently

• 3+ years of experience in Usability testing and UI

• Windows Media Player 9-10 and DRM experience is a plus

• Experience with streaming technologies is desired

• Mobile device experience a plus

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• Proven understanding of software release cycle and test methodologies

• Strong SQL, PLSQL, TSQL experience

• Ability to understand and execute database/programming code and server scripts such as .NET, Java, C++, C•, XML,

• SOAP, PERL and UNIX Shell.

• Experience testing network dependant software products

• Automation and Scripting experience is required

• Capacity to work on several projects at the same time

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

This is one of those very confused kind of job descriptions that make someone wonder what kind of job they are really going after, and are exceedingly common, in that they are looking for people do to do many things, and not all of them are going to be compatible with someone's work experience. It is the rare shop that has both windows and linux as a programmer, windows media player does not work in a linux environment, this job will be near impossible to place a candidate in.

But these kinds of job offerings are all too common, using the keywords I searched on "Windows Linux" there were multiple jobs open with the same confusing and contradictory needs, wants and desires. Realistically this is more like two jobs, or even three, that they want to pay DOE (depending on experience) on.

Under key responsibilities this same job wants:

• Complete testing and regression passes on schedule

• Manage all owned (by origination or feature) bugs.

• Develop and execute test scripts

• Provide recommendations and feedback on improving automated test tools and strategies

• Investigate bugs upstream by parsing logs and writing complex SQL queries

• Maintain and grow technical knowledge of server and client applications sufficiently to be able to test any feature of the product.

• Create and maintain test plans and test cases for complex features.

• Schedule and lead test plan reviews for all owned areas.

This really sounds like a SDET job rather than an SDE job, meaning the title is going to be confusing, and you have to ask how many people passed on this based on the job description. They want too much, in too confusing a job description that is unlikely to be filled because of what that company wants.

While it is never a good idea to lie on your resume, having a clear and concise job description also helps, because this kind of job description cries out that they have no clue, and could be subject to people padding their resumes because they want the job.


About the Author:
Dan Morrill has been in the information security field for 18 years, both civilian and military, and is currently working on his Doctor of Management. Dan shares his insights on the important security issues of today through his blog, Managing Intellectual Property & IT Security, and is an active participant in the ITtoolbox blogging community.

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