Salentica Launches Advisor Desk FASTRAK

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 by Mistlee

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Salentica Launches Advisor Desk FASTRAK

By Doug Caverly

A new hosted wealth management CRM solution is here, and Salentica Systems has dubbed it Advisor Desk FASTRAK.

As with the previous version of Advisor Desk, the FASTRAK product remains based on Version 4 of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Brad Wilson, the general manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, saw fit to state...

"Salentica's Advisor Desk demonstrates the real value that hosted offerings of CRM solutions can provide to customers. . . . [T]his new offering will provide more choice to customers looking for a CRM solution tailored to their needs."

Bill Rourke, the president of Salentica, then added...

"This is an attractive solution for wealth management firms that want to move quickly or do not have the available IT resources to manage the server environment. With Advisor Desk FASTRAK, our clients can be up and running quickly with functionality specific to their needs, without any upfront capital investment."

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We might be able to dismiss Rourke's comments - it's a rare president who doesn't support his own company - but Wilson's approval is harder to write off.

Furthermore, Salentica recently partnered with RDA and celebrated its tenth year of existence, so it's not as if these two men are the only ones who like the company's work.

If you'd like to learn more about Salentica, its corporate blog appears to be a relatively well-populated place. The main website also offers several different contact options, including a "Have Salentica call me now" feature.


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