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Monday, March 10, 2008 by Mistlee

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How was your weekend? I mentioned on Friday that Kentucky was supposed to get some heavy snow fall... and the weather man was right! Luckily it was during the weekend so I didn't have to worry about driving in it. I'm sure all the little kids were happy that they finally got to build snowmen and go sledding. One city here had over 14 inches of snow! I'm hoping it is going to start warming up here soon!

Our featured post today comes from rmoss_uk, who has a redesigned site that isn't doing well in Google. Even when unique text on the front page is searched for, it's still not found in Google. If you have SEO advice to give, click here!

As for the remaining posts, the first wants help with fixing CSS in IE. The second needs some information on video unit reports inside AdSense. And the last post has some questions about no follow links for internal pages.

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Monday, Mar 10, 2008 Visit Here

Google Discussion Forum
SEO Advice
SEO Advice

Google used to love my site. Now it seems to hate it since i redesigned my site. Even when i search for unique text on my front page, its not found in google.

Please can you give me advise / help on what could be causing this? Is my linking structure wrong ?

Am i doing something google won't like ?

Other search engines seam to be fine but obviously google used to send me most traffic and not any more.

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I am designing a micro-site as part of a co-marketing project with a couple of other companies we work with. The aim of the site is to promote the idea of hen parties at home, offering a fun and sophisticated alternative to the traditional hen party.

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Graphics & Design Discussion Forum
IE CSS fix??

I'm trying to streamline the navigation for a client's website which was set up by a previous designer.

The test page is here. Organized For Life

The original designer set up a php include for the top navigation. Problem is, every page has it's own unique php include that needs to be updated when a new page is added or a page title changes. It seems like it was set up this way so each page would have a "down" tab set when selected.

I'm trying to set this up as a single include using CSS to set a different background image depending upon which page you're on.

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Convert visitors with Google Analytics - free

Google AdWords Discussion Forum
Video Unit Reports Inside AdSenser

I have a page on one of my webstes that contains a YouTube video unit through AdSense.

My stats show this page is viewed quite a lot, but I can't see any information inside AdSense that shows me how many videos are viewed or how much (if any) income is generated.

Does anyone know how I can find this information?

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
No Follow links for the Internal Pages

Here iam implementing the new method for my website promotion. My site has the page rank of 4 and we have back links around 100. But google is showing only internal pages as back links.

So i want to use the nofollow links for the internal pages with that Google or any other search engine can show only backs which are coming from other sites.

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