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Monday, March 10, 2008 by Mistlee

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SMX West 2008: Todd Malicoat

At SMX West in Santa Clara, Mike McDonald of WebProNews and Todd Malicoat of talked about proper conference etiquette. The two discuss many things that you should absolutely NEVER do while attending a conference.
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SXSW Crowd Turns On Reporter
By Jason Lee Miller

BusinessWeek's Sarah Lacy says she did her best interviewing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during yesterday's SXSW keynote. The (hostile) crowd there begs to differ.

Add to that drama a quote destined to be put down in the annals of the Professional Journalism Hall of Fame, if there is such a thing, a message to the (hostile) crowd from Ms. Lacy:

"seriously screw all you guys."

Life imitating art?

On the bright side, she's getting plenty of publicity for her book.

Let's catch you up, in case you missed the all the Twittered fury.

It may have only seemed like a cushy, yet high-profile gig with the notoriously reluctant to speak youngest self-made billionaire in the world – a title Zuckerberg will likely hold until Miley Cyrus hits 18. Lacy at least appeared to be prepared for the sit-down, one-on-one James-Lipton-esque chat.

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